Farming Sunshine

PNW Solar utilizes an in-depth understanding of existing energy policy and industry knowledge to evaluate regional markets for potential development as political and economical factors shift. We conduct a detailed analysis of each of the major markets we are active in and create a comprehensive development plan for the territory, including identifying optimal project characteristics. We use a detailed selection process to target individual sites and select only those that have the best chance of success. Each site pursued has been chosen for a very specific reason. If you’ve heard from us, it’s because your property has already met the very specific filters we use when searching for potential locations.

We know it’s a two-way street and just because we think a property would work well for one of our solar facilities doesn’t always mean that’s what a landowner wants. We take the time to explain our process and discuss if this type of development works as well for the landowner as it does for PNW Solar.

PNW Solar works to develop clean renewable energy projects that benefit all parties involved while providing the necessary segway for utility companies as they transition to alternative energy sources. We recognize the challenges utility companies are faced with while providing safe, reliable, and affordable energy to their customers. Utility companies have started working with PNW Solar through a variety of channels to meet the sustainability goals that they must meet while incorporating renewable energy sources into their existing energy portfolios.

PNW Solar is dedicated to the idea of a new energy future that can provide safe and affordable energy through harvesting the most plentiful resource of all. As our team likes to say, “we’re just farming sunshine.”

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