Your land is important to you. You want to see it utilized in a responsible way that preserves it for future generations. Here at PNW Solar we help do just that. We work directly with landowners around the country to create stable, long-term financial opportunities for their property.

We are looking for properties with some of the following characteristics:

  • Located near or close to an electrical substation
  • Located on 3 phase power lines or larger transmission lines
  • Located near a large electrical draw (factory, industrial park, hospital, prison, etc.)
  • Topography is relatively flat or south facing slope
  • Owners interested in a steady long term income they can count on

When you work with PNW Solar, you can expect a long-term source of income with minimal effort on your part. Don’t fret the increased tax liability, we’ve got you covered.

For more on how the development process works or If you are interested in discussing the idea of leasing or selling your land for a solar project, please follow this link:

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